Ease of Use School Communications

easy to use school communications

Our new interface has decluttered Messenger to make using it easier, more intuitive and more rewarding. 

Completely online

Groupcall Messenger is completely web-based and guaranteed as secure, with a simple user interface that is very easy to use, working on all computers, smartphones and tablets.

Simple to use

The interface has a self-explanatory look and feel which means that processes are quick, simple and intuitive. Messenger is optimised for mobile devices so you can use it on your phone or tablet as well as your desktop computer; it’s accessible wherever you can access the Internet.

Free training

Messenger is designed so that you will need minimal training as it is so simple to use, but if you do need any extra help just let us know and we will provide it free of charge. This is available in the form of videos, user guides, on line webinars or we can arrange remote sessions to guide you through the system on your screen.

Fully integrated

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