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Groupcall's Nicki talks about parental engagement & e-safety

By Jocy Levy |   Jun 29, 2015

Following on from last week's post about e-safety, here's an article in which Groupcall's Marketing Manager Nicki spoke to Education Technology about how parental engagement can help to keep children safe on the Internet.

The Digital Education Show

By Jocy Levy |   Jun 25, 2015

Next week Groupcall are exhibiting at the Digital Education Show!

Groupcall's Steve Baines discusses e-safety

By Jocy Levy |   Jun 25, 2015

Earlier in the month Groupall's International Business Development Manager Steve Baines spoke to Education Technology about e-safety.

Social media safety for young people

By Jocy Levy |   Jun 23, 2015

King Edward’s Witley, a school in Surrey, had e-safety expert Karl Hopwood give a talk about safe, responsible Internet usage to the staff and students. He believes that being safe online comes down to empowering young people to regulate their own safety and responsible use of the Internet.

Saving money with Groupcall Emerge

By Jocy Levy |   Jun 22, 2015

With the announcement that schools’ budgets will not be rising with inflation, we at Groupcall understand that it’s more important than ever to save money wherever possible. We’re proud that our customers frequently notice the savings they’re making by using our products.

E2BN Conference

By Jocy Levy |   Jun 19, 2015

On Tuesday and Wednesday next week Stuart and Phil from the Groupcall team will be at the E2BN conference in Bedfordshire.

Rules of the playground

By Jocy Levy |   Jun 19, 2015

Many people have fond memories of playing in the playground at lunchtime and performing cartwheels and handstands with their friends on the school field.

Another green that’s good for you

By Jocy Levy |   Jun 19, 2015

A study in Barcelona that monitored 2,500 children over a year has revealed that those who go to school in green areas have a better memory and are more attentive. Previous research had suggested that greenery in urban areas is good for health and wellbeing, but these new findings show that this type of environment could actually lead to higher academic achievement.

School time for parents

By Jocy Levy |   Jun 18, 2015

Singapore is under pressure. They have recently ranked top in the world for maths and science. This achievement has resulted in many parents investing in extra tuition for the children to ensure this high standard is met. In fact, over the last decade the amount of money that is spent on tuition has doubled to a massive £526m.


By Jocy Levy |   Jun 18, 2015

If you would like your school to be an early adopter of Xpressions click here.

Should rubbers be erased?

By Jocy Levy |   Jun 17, 2015

Rubbers are commonplace in every student’s pencil case, whatever their age. We suspect that most don’t give a second’s thought before rubbing out a mistake in their work, but a cognitive scientist named Guy Claxton believes this needs to change. He has said that rubbers create “a culture of shame about error” and that they’re a “way of lying to the world”.

Kung Fu punctuation?

By Jocy Levy |   Jun 16, 2015

It’s been appearing in the news frequently that sitting down too much is dangerous, maybe even causing an early death. A campaign group called ukactive has said that the country is a “ticking time bomb” of health problems because we’re not doing enough exercise. They’ve found that half of seven year olds in England are inactive for over 23 hours of the day and said that schools need to do more to change this.

Flakefleet Primary School case study

By Jocy Levy |   Jun 16, 2015

The trip is HOW MUCH?!

By Jocy Levy |   Jun 16, 2015

You may have seen the news story last week about a school in West Yorkshire that is offering a sports trip to Barbados for £1,650 per student. Opinions on this seem to be divided between those who think this is extortionate and that schools should not put this kind of pressure on parents, and those who think it’s a fantastic opportunity that their child would not be able to have on a family holiday.

Keeping up with the times!

By Jocy Levy |   Jun 15, 2015

Children now seem to intrinsically know about all things tech. Kids as young as four years old are now coding at school! They’ve been brought up surrounded by gadgets, computers and the Internet and this has resulted in many of them knowing more about these things than their parents and even their teachers.

Kate McCann is cycling 500 miles to raise awareness for Child Rescue Alert app, powered by Groupcall

By Jocy Levy |   Jun 15, 2015

Last year the charity Missing People launched their Child Rescue Alert app. Groupcall are proud to provide the technology behind this life-saving system; after registering online or downloading the app for free you will receive a notification in the event that a child goes missing in your area and is believed to be in imminent danger.

The Sunday Times – Festival of Education

By Jocy Levy |   Jun 11, 2015

It’s that time of year again for The Sunday Times Festival of Education! Groupcall are an Exhibiting Sponsor and our very own Steve, Stuart and Paul will be attending! Located next to our friends at charity Missing People, we will be demonstrating the latest news and updates on our products.

Nottingham Association of School Business Management

By Jocy Levy |   Jun 11, 2015

Groupcall will be at Center Parcs this month! No, we’re not going for the swimming pool (at least not primarily), instead we will be attending the Nottingham Association Of School Business Management Summer Conference 2015! Located at the Center Parcs Conference Centre in Sherwood Forest, Paul, Ruth and Stuart will be in attendance with a 30 minute presentation about Groupcall Emerge.

Messenger CPD event at the Birmingham Planetarium

By Jocy Levy |   Jun 11, 2015

On the evening of June 4th Stuart, Steve, Daniel, Phil and Graham from Team Groupcall headed off from East London to Birmingham ready for our long-awaited event at the Birmingham Planetarium bright and early in the morning. We run our complimentary CPD events every year to ensure that customers are getting the most from their Messenger systems, and this year was no different and we were back by popular demand!

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