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BETT 2018 – A Whirlwind of GDPR, Breaking Stands and Delivering Wow

By Graham Reed |   Feb 16, 2018

And so here we are once again, BETT 2018 is done and dusted for another year. I would be lying if I said I was sad, because for any supplier attending the show it is a hard, hard slog just getting to 10am on Wednesday in the North Arena. Developers, testers and product managers have been working solidly for the preceding 4 months and hats off to the marketing team who did an outstanding job getting the stand, materials, interest and special guests all organised on time.

Bett 2018, innovation and MATs

By Terry Freedman |   Jan 23, 2018

The word ‘innovation’ crops up continually in education circles — and especially in education technology circles. Let’s leave aside the implication that innovation is always a Good Thing (capital letters are demanded here). The issue is that innovation is expected. At the very least, the general expectation is that opportunities for innovation must always be sought.

Ed tech highlights of 2017, and Bett 2018

By Terry Freedman |   Jan 16, 2018

Last year seemed to witness a tipping point. Suddenly, developments that had been bubbling away for years appeared to have reached a level of maturity in terms of technical capability, if not (so far) price. This is especially true in the area of virtual reality as experienced through headsets such as Microsoft’s HoloLens, which makes it possible to ‘walk around’ a three dimensional representations of a person or object.

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