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Making your school website the go-to place for parents

By Terry Freedman |   Feb 16, 2017

How and why

How do you encourage parents to visit the school’s website, and why should you even want to?

The Importance of Being There

By Terry Freedman |   Feb 09, 2017

Woody Allen famously observed that 80 percent of success is showing up. He was referring to the process of being selected for an acting part in a film, but it’s broadly true in life in general, and certainly school in particular.

Keeping Kids Safe

By Terry Freedman |   Feb 01, 2017


One of the events that should be in every school’s calendar is Safer Internet Day, which this year falls on 7th February. Intended to promote awareness and discussion of how to keep youngsters safe online, it involves classroom activities and discussions, and can be quite exciting, especially for younger children.

Groupcall at Bett 2017

By Groupcall |   Jan 31, 2017

As part of our celebrations to mark our 15th anniversary, Groupcall once again joined the ranks at Bett, the largest education technology show in the world. Our presence in the Microsoft Village, as one of their key partners, gave us a unique opportunity explore their School Data Sync project and its applications.

The power of the parent voice!

By Jocy Levy |   Jul 23, 2016

As schools face more changes, with increasing pressures and demands and tighter budgets, it’s extremely important for school leaders to engage effectively with parents and other stakeholders to build a cohesive network of support.

Involving parents in their children’s education improves achievement

By Jocy Levy |   Jul 12, 2016


Christina Preston, founder of the MirandaNet Fellowship,   guest blogs today, exploring how involving parents in their children’s   education improves their school attainment. Christina is an Education Researcher and Professor, focusing on using ICT and digital innovations to enrich both teaching and learning.

Building a strong parent-child relationship: what can schools do to help?

By Jocy Levy |   May 17, 2016

According to extensive research carried out by Professor John Hattie, the world’s most influential education academic, “When pursued consistently throughout a child’s development, parental engagement could amount to the equivalent of an additional two to three years’ schooling for a child, adding massively to their overall achievement.” So, how can schools foster strong interactions and links with parents, to ensure that the learning experience is a fully developed one for every child?

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