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By Jocy Levy |   Aug 21, 2015


Creative summer ideas

By Jocy Levy |   Aug 20, 2015


Teenage takeover!

By Jocy Levy |   Aug 17, 2015

The headteacher of Toot Hill School in Nottinghamshire has had a controversial idea…he thinks that teenagers should take responsibility for their household’s budget and chores during the holiday to teach them about the challenges that their parents face! Ash Rahman believes teenagers are leaving school without essential life schools due to the disproportionate focus schools place on exam league tables. He thinks this is causing them to enter adult life unequipped for its challenges.

Wearable technology in schools

By Jocy Levy |   Aug 15, 2015

Wearable technology has been gaining momentum particularly over the past year and it’s believed that an explosion of use is fast approaching. Mark Gibson is the Sales Director of cloud-based Bloxx and he believes that wearables are going to imminently change education. Here’s how he thinks this will happen:

Free holiday meals

By Jocy Levy |   Aug 13, 2015

The free school meals initiative allows millions of children all over the country to have a hot, healthy meal every school day. But North Ayrshire Council in Scotland has decided to extend this to the school holidays too.

Daredevil teenagers!

By Jocy Levy |   Aug 11, 2015

Gavin Hogan is the headteacher at Worksop College and none of his pupils could ever claim he is boring….as he has sent ten of them on an arctic expedition this summer!

The Golden Ticket of children’s books

By Jocy Levy |   Aug 10, 2015

This summer is a very special one for thousands of children across the country, as in September they will be making the transition from primary school to secondary school.

Giving back to the community

By Jocy Levy |   Aug 08, 2015

It’s not unusual to teach young people that giving back to the community is an important thing to do, but Carlton Bolling College in Bradford is implementing this philosophy in amazing ways.

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