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Helping children to use social media safely

By Jocy Levy |   Jul 27, 2016

Social media is one of the most popular developments in technology among young people today; to say it’s a powerful tool is an understatement. However, like anything, it does not come without challenges and potential pitfalls. In light of this, ensuring that children present themselves in a safe and sensible manner whilst online is crucial.

The power of the parent voice!

By Jocy Levy |   Jul 23, 2016

As schools face more changes, with increasing pressures and demands and tighter budgets, it’s extremely important for school leaders to engage effectively with parents and other stakeholders to build a cohesive network of support.

Family fun: Top summer holiday activities across the UK

By Jocy Levy |   Jul 18, 2016

With so many weeks to keep the kids entertained, the summer holidays can be an expensive time for parents, carers and relatives. In this growing digital era, there is an additional challenge; tearing children away from their iPads and games consoles, which are increasingly glued to the palms of their hands 

Involving parents in their children’s education improves achievement

By Jocy Levy |   Jul 12, 2016


Christina Preston, founder of the MirandaNet Fellowship,   guest blogs today, exploring how involving parents in their children’s   education improves their school attainment. Christina is an Education Researcher and Professor, focusing on using ICT and digital innovations to enrich both teaching and learning.

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