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Technology as an Investment for the Future

By Groupcall |   Apr 25, 2017

As in any organisation, the biggest single expenditure for schools is on staffing costs. Not only teaching staff, but non-teaching staff as well. Technology can help, although we are not suggesting that the school office staff be replaced by robots.

Tackling cyberbullying: key considerations for schools

By Jocy Levy |   Jun 13, 2016

The school bully of the 21st Century looks very different to that of 20 years ago; no longer stealing your child’s lunch money, he’s now focused on stealing something far more precious: their aspirations and confidence. He is the nameless, faceless cyberbully.

Inspiring your school – most importantly, your pupils – to engage in PE

By Jocy Levy |   Jun 08, 2016

Introducing: Striver

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