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Groupcall at Bett 2017

by Henry Kilshaw on January 31, 2017

As part of our celebrations to mark our 15th anniversary, Groupcall once again joined the ranks at Bett, the largest education technology show in the world. Our presence in the Microsoft Village, as one of their key partners, gave us a unique opportunity explore their School Data Sync project and its applications.

Present for all four days, the Groupcall name was heard far and wide in the industry, thanks in no small part to the dedicated team of professionals manning the stand from opening until closing, every day. Groupcall’s co-founder, Sir Bob Geldof, also made an appearance during his visit, adding some extra star quality to the busy stand and imparting some useful advice to both the team and those visiting the stand. He even got the chance to try out the new HoloLens from Microsoft. Thanks for stopping by, Bob, we hope to see you again soon!

One of the main features being showcased were the latest additions to the Groupcall ecosystem. As partners of companies such as Pay Our School and Parents’ Evening Booking System, their software can be bolted on to both new and existing Groupcall subscriptions, bringing further functionality to our customers. Bett was a great place both to display the extra functionalities as well as meet with more potential partners for the future.

For teachers making use of our Emerge system, accessing and making use of their MIS data wherever and whenever they want, Bett was a superb opportunity to discuss the latest update, Emerge Desktop, with all the functionality of the base product, accessible on a desktop computer. The update is completely free to Emerge customers, and has reaffirmed that Groupcall will continue to deliver significant updates and improvements to its existing products. Demand was high at the show, and it may take a while to roll out to all customers. For anyone else interested in upgrading to Emerge Desktop, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The latest Groupcall publication, Parental Engagement, was out on display for the industry to take and copies flew off the shelves. The eBook explores best practice in parental engagement, in particular what schools can do to improve on the communication with parents and how this can affect their child’s education.. Although we exhausted our printed copies at the show, more are available to download for free here.

With Xpressions and communication with parents being the focus for so much of our work, it was no surprise that the industry was eager to know more. As a system that allows near instant access to parents and opens a two-way channel of communication, the potential impact of Xpressions is looking limitless.

To find out more about upcoming Groupcall events, take a look at our Calendar.




Topics: Groupcall Emerge, Parental engagement, Child safety, Bett2017