December 07, 2016 by Groupcall

Saving time and money with Emerge

Teachers just want to teach. Unfortunately, they inevitably have to be involved in administration too. Even taking the register can easily turn into an almighty hassle. How can Groupcall Emerge help? In this article we look at what Emerge does, and have asked two headteachers about their experiences of implementing it in their schools.

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December 02, 2016 by Graham Reed

The value of your MIS data

I have worked with and around Management Information Systems (MIS) for my entire professional career. When I first started out in education, school data was restricted to a few individuals in the main office, in a single database, and management of it was considered a dark art. I am sure this is a common memory for anyone who has worked in education for over 10 years!

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November 25, 2016 by Andrew Mulholland

10 Steps to Better Parental Involvement in Education

10 Steps to Better Parental Involvement in Schools

There are many benefits to parental involvement in school activity, including improved grades, higher student attendance and better attitude and behaviour, towards both parents and teachers.

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November 11, 2016 by Terry Freedman

7 reasons to have a school blogging team

Lots of schools have a blog these days. But a school blog is difficult to keep up-to-date and interesting, and even just keeping up with the writing can be hard work. And unfortunately, there's nothing that is much worse on a school website than to see the words "Last updated on...", followed by a date of three months ago.

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October 31, 2016 by Jocy Levy

Do you know the true cost of paper at your school?

The environmental, monetary and time savings your school can make by going paperless.

Paper cuts are no one’s idea of fun! They arrive uninvited and always leave us wondering how something so small can be so painful. But did you know there is a different kind of paper cut – the kind of paper cut your school can make itself, saving money, time and the environment in the process? Now that we’re on the same page…(Let’s try to avoid any more paper-based puns from now on)

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October 28, 2016 by Terry Freedman

Ours is a GOOD school

Sometimes I drive past schools that have a banner announcing that Ofsted says they are a GOOD school – perhaps your school has such a banner.

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October 21, 2016 by Jocy Levy

Fifteen Years of Innovation

2016 is an important year for Groupcall as it is our 15th birthday – 15 years of innovation!

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October 19, 2016 by Jocy Levy

The Warriner School saves £12,000 with Groupcall Messenger

The Warriner School in rural Oxfordshire has been using our parental communication system, Groupcall Messenger, for several years now.

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September 21, 2016 by Jocy Levy

Safeguarding your social media presence as a teacher

We all love social media – well, an estimated 2.2 billion of us do anyway! That’s right - over a third of the world’s population uses social networking.

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August 02, 2016 by Jocy Levy

Communication for modern families

According to a recent survey by Netmums, there are more than 35 different types of family in Britain. It appears gone are the days of the nuclear family - that picture perfect family depiction that TV used to tell us consisted of a mum, dad and two children.

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