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The struggles of parents' evening

by Jocy Levy on May 26, 2016

Parents’ evening is a hugely important night of the year for parents, teachers and most crucially, pupils. It provides the opportunity for parents to speak to the people that their children spend 30 hours a week with and to get an insight into how those hours are spent, their child’s progress and how their education can be optimised moving forward. This is why it’s so vitally important for parents’ evening to run smoothly. It’s a huge organisational undertaking for all parties involved; school staff must co-ordinate the logistics, parents have to sync their availability with that of the teachers they wish to see, and often, particularly in the case of secondary schools, students have to liaise with their teachers to book appointments on behalf of their parents.

If you’ve ever been privy to a parents’ evening you will likely know that it’s very hard to please everyone. There are parents unable to book the appointments that they wanted; there are queues, scheduling issues and delays.

Groupcall believes that parents’ evening is far too important for us to sit by and allow for the above complications to take place. That’s why we are delighted to introduce to you…Parents’ Evening Booking System.


Parents’ Evening Booking System is the second fantastic product to join the Messenger Ecosystem.

Parents’ Evening Booking System puts parents’ evenings into the hands of the parents and teachers. It eliminates the need for children to book appointments and for anyone to have to rely on handwritten papers to know where to go/who to see next.

The system allows teachers to specify exactly when they are available and how long they want their appointment slots to be. Parents log in with their personal details and because the class data is pulled straight from the MIS, they are only presented with the teachers relevant to their child. This allows parents to quickly and easily see who is free and when, enabling them to reserve their appointment times accordingly. Parents also have the opportunity to select the teachers they wish to see from a dropdown list and to specify their own window of availability. Parents’ Evening Booking System then automatically generates their appointments with just a few clicks.

To further optimise the parents’ evening process, Parents’ Evening Booking System allows parents to make a note of any specific issues they wish to discuss with teachers when they book individual appointments, such as their child’s behaviour or exam results. Teachers can then prepare in advance for each parent, enabling everyone to get the most out of the evening.

Parents’ Evening Booking System is a cost-effective, effortless and environmentally friendly way to organise parents’ evenings at your school. Costing just 50p per student per year, it is much cheaper than printing and posting letters to individual parents and also saves on paper wastage.


Parents’ Evening Booking System:

  • allows your school to organise parents’ evening in minutes
  • lets parents book their appointments in just a few clicks
  • saves your school money in printing and postage costs
  • takes all of the paperwork out of parents’ evening
  • completely removes students from the parents’ evening booking process
  • facilitates parents leaving advance notes about what they wish to discuss to individual teachers


If you want to try the Parents’ Evening Booking System at your school then do let us know, as you are eligible for a no-obligation trial that will allow you to host your first parents’ evening free of charge. Just click here to register your interest and to find out further information about the system.

Feel free to contact us on 020 8506 6100 (option 1) or by email to sales@groupcall.com quoting Parents’ Evening Booking System if you have any questions or queries.

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