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How do you manage payments in your school?

  Groupcall     Oct 12, 2017

Are you a school that still chooses to use cash and cheques? If so, you will know what a huge administrative task it is to ensure all money is counted, reconciled and banked. You probably also know that your school is possibly the last remaining place anyone needs to use cheques!

Did you know?

The first online payment system designed specifically for schools was ParentPay, which took its first payment in 2002. That’s 15 years ago…a lifetime when it comes to the latest technology now available in online banking and card processing.

Most schools now embrace payments’ technology

The ability to process payments through technology has evolved significantly and new products that are better tailored to the needs of schools have appeared. Schools can now be wholly cashless and have all payments processed online. Not only does this remove manual administration work, it ensures that there is a full audit trail available.

No software tool comes without some hiccups, as evidenced by the recent failure of ParentPay’s service earlier this week. While the system was down, parents were unable to make payments for school trips – and, most importantly, school meals, and it was reported that some children were unable to buy food at lunchtime. Whilst everyone can empathise with the ParentPay failure, its impact disrupts the normal everyday routines in a school. No one wants or needs such upheaval!

Some parents even commented on social media that ‘old methods were better than going digital’.  This would absolutely be a step in the wrong direction.

Consider a payment system built on trust

PayOurSchool offers schools a package unlike any other system. It comes with no set up or ongoing subscription costs. The transaction charge, necessary for all online card processing systems, can be absorbed by the school or passed on to parents.

Backed by Barclaycard, PayOurSchool is a completely secure system that allows parents and schools to view outstanding balances and pay monies due. This single point of contact helps to ensure a smoother process when compared to the chaos of handling cash and cheques.

PayOurSchool also features integration with cashless catering systems, allowing it to be used to manage school meals within a secondary school environment.

What’s more, PayOurSchool integrates seamlessly with Groupcall Messenger, the award-winning parental involvement tool, ensuring the smooth flow of communications between parents and school which helps to save time, reduce costs and improve efficiency. As with all Groupcall products, Messenger is built on a trust that has come from over 15 years of working with schools, LAs and MATs across the country to create a better working environment.

Find out more about Groupcall Messenger and PayOurSchool.



Written by Groupcall

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